Work Capacity Evaluation
What Is A Work Capacity Evaluation?
It is a whole body physical performance test that is matched to employment work standards in any occupation using “criterion-based work simulation” and Cognitive Distraction Cross-Validation testing ONLY.  Job standards are determined either by using an employer specific job analysis, the US Department of Labor’s Dictionary of Occupational Titles, or a blending of both standards.  It does not include extensive intake history, depression screening, discomfort or behavioral factoring.  This is an ACUTE treatment approach and can be done before all treatment options have been exhausted.  If chronic pain is not a barrier, then it can be used for P & S/MMI determination as well.

Referral Process
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Our Customers Say ...

Our Patients Say...

Val ~ in Physical Therapy is very caring, kind, friendly and is concerned about the well being of her patient. She is courteous all the time and most of all, knowledgeable about her job.
Adina and Monica ~ both of these young ladies are professional, pleasant, helpful and above all caring towards their patients.
J. B.
Adina ~ Very helpful. Always knows what is going on. Very polite
A. S.
Lucy ~ I recently completed a several-month series of physical therapy sessions and wanted to thank and commend Lucy Austin and the staff at Alliance for making the process so effective and pleasant. Lucy's ability to motivate and educate is top-notch and her attitude and personality in the office makes the visits enjoyable as well. [...] K.C.
K. C.
Steve ~ has a very good personality. Drew my blood painlessly and efficient. A great employee; very calming.
S. S.
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