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HazMat (Hazard Materials) Physical Examination or ERT Exam (Emergency Response Team) is required by OSHA standards at the work places, where exposure to hazardous chemicals or other materials may cause a variety of health problems: skin and mucous membrane irritation; reproductive problems; bone marrow changes with altered blood cell production; impaired liver and/or kidney function; and changes in the neurological, respiratory, and cardiovascular systems. Workers who routinely handle hazardous waste for disposal, have exposures to bloodborne pathogens, and/or assist in clean up of chemical spills must be screened on a regular basis. Medical Screening potentialy includes:
  • Health/work history review
  • Physical exam targeting systems that could be affected by hazardous chemicals
  • Lab work will also be checked
  • Hepatitis B vaccinations
  • Hearing testing
  • Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Chest X-Rays
  • ECG (Electo-Cardio-Gram)

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Steve ~ has a very good personality. Drew my blood painlessly and efficient. A great employee; very calming.
S. S.
Steve ~ Always friendly, personable & such a pleasant addition to the office. He is thorough, yet prompt & seemed to learn his job fast & well. Keep him on!
Adina and Monica ~ both of these young ladies are professional, pleasant, helpful and above all caring towards their patients.
J. B.
Dr. Cooper, Paulette, Anna, Steve, Adina, Triana ~ All of the above are so good! They work so well together &are very caring. Great people to deal with! Very professional.
M. G.
Angela ~ Angela did my blood work and was GREAT! First time ever that I didn't feel any pain; She did a fantastic job! Thank you
G. M.
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