Alliance Key Contacts
# Name Position Phone
1 Rick Flovin C.E.O. (408) 228-0454
2 Rena Flovin Vice President (408) 228-0455
3 Jennifer Crisci General Manager (408) 228-0449
4 Jaishri Ramesh MD Medical Director (408) 228-8400
5 Kyb Fugfugosh Business Relations Manager -Santa Clara (408) 228-8400
6 Gabriel Phillips Business Relations Manager -San Jose (408) 712-8407
7 Rachelle Laxa Business Relations Manager -Milpitas (408) 712-8005
8 Gabrielle Arnold Clinic Manager - Santa Clara (408) 228-8400
9 Justina LaBarr Clinic Manager - San Jose (408) 477-8061
10 Tom Hsieh Clinic Manager - Milpitas (408) 790-2900
11 Grisel Sanchez Assistant Clinic Manager - Santa Clara (408) 228-8400
12 Araceli Argomaniz Assistant Clinic Manager - San Jose (408) 477-8080

Our Customers Say ...

Our Patients Say...

Steve ~ Always friendly, personable & such a pleasant addition to the office. He is thorough, yet prompt & seemed to learn his job fast & well. Keep him on!
Val ~ in Physical Therapy is very caring, kind, friendly and is concerned about the well being of her patient. She is courteous all the time and most of all, knowledgeable about her job.
Steve ~ has a very good personality. Drew my blood painlessly and efficient. A great employee; very calming.
S. S.
Dr. Cooper, Paulette, Anna, Steve, Adina, Triana ~ All of the above are so good! They work so well together &are very caring. Great people to deal with! Very professional.
M. G.
Adina ~ Very helpful. Always knows what is going on. Very polite
A. S.
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