Random Selection Program Print
Alliance Occupational Medicine can set up random selection programs for employers for drug and alcohol screening.  The program meets the requirements for a random program set forth by the Department of Transportation, is fair to employees, and completely confidential.  The employer needs to provide Alliance Occupational Medicine a list of employees to be included in the program and some sort of identification number (social security number, employee number, driver’s license number).  The employer is also responsible for keeping Alliance updated as employees need to be added or deleted from the random pool prior to each random selection. The employers must use US DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing MIS Data Collection Form (DOC or PDF) to track their testing if under DOT mandate
We will work with you to determine the schedule for random pulls throughout the year and the percentages you would like pulled (DOT currently requires %25 be pulled for drugs and %10 for alcohol per year).  The employer is then responsible for tracking the results and reporting the results as required by the DOT annually. Random pull can be done monthly, quarterly, or even once a year as long as the above percentages are met for DOT selection – there is a charge for each random selection pull (not each name).
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