Most companies have differing and flexible guidelines in establishing non-DOT policies and procedures for drug testing, including what substances to test for and how often testing is required. One of the considerations when establishing such policy is consistency. If the company policy states that an employee is terminated for a positive drug screen, then every employee that tests positive must be terminated.
There are very few federal laws concerning drug testing by companies with non-safety-sensitive employees. However, there are some stipulations with the Labor Law that do address the issue of drug testing. These laws state that the employer must have a written policy available to every employee that outlines

How is a Non DOT drug test different from a DOT Drug Test?


The DOT has specific five types of drugs that employees have to be tested for. The DOT Drug Screen includes:

A non-DOT drug screen is almost identical to the five panel as listed above but it does not use a Federal chain of custody. The drug screen can also be a 10 panel drug screen or can even include more panels if the ordering agency requires more in-depth testing.  A Standard Ten Panel Drug Screen includes the following drugs that need to be tested for: