Alliance Occupational Medicine offers a comprehensive drug testing program covering all components of drug testing.  We provide easily accessible and local expertise in the interpretation of positive or questionable drug screen results.


Drug screening and testing programs were initially developed in 1989 by the Department of Transportation (DOT) in responce to the alarming number of cases of drug abuse in workplaces. The federal drug testing program focuses on urine drug testing. A chain of custody form is used to ensure the drug testing process integrity. The analysis of the urine is first processed with a general drug screening test for the presence of illicit drug; then, if the initial employee drug test screen is positive, the drug test screen is then re-tested for drug utilizing a more accurate drug test called GC/MS where the sample is vaporized and then bombarded with electrons to create a unique fingerprint of the drug tested. This drug test is valid and supportable enough to be used as evidence in a court of law.

Our program for Drug Testing services includes:

Drug Testing

Federally Approved Chain of Custody Procedures

The staff is trained to strictly follow Federal Regulations and Chain of Custody collection procedures for non-DOT as well as DOT urine drug screens. These federal protocols have the highest collection standards, and the results most easily defended in the event the employee, applicant or employee representative contests the results.


Medical Review Officer

Our Medical Director, Dr. Jaishri Ramesh, as well as Dr. Marlowe Magallanes and Dr. Rickie Dugal, MD, are available at our clinics full time to provide you with results as soon as the laboratory has completed their analysis and reporting.


DOT Approved & Certified Laboratory Test Results

Contracted only with Health and Human Services Certified (DOT approved) laboratories to test for the presence of illegal drugs and/or adulterants.  Contract includes shipment of specimen to laboratory, EMIT and GC/MS testing of specimens to quantify presence of substance and reporting of results in compliance with DOT regulations.


Test Results, Reporting and Record Keeping