Dear Optimal and Alliance

On Friday I got the request  from Michelle at Alliance to schedule transportation for todays surgery. I ask Michelle at Alliance to call Optimal to schedule. Just as I was leaving for work on Friday, I got a voice mail from Michelle that she called Optimal and they told her that she could not schedule that  I would have to call first and give the authorization.

I forgot to call before I left for work,  but remembered on my way home. I called Michelle at Alliance from my cell phone and she gave me the number to Optimal. I called Optimal and spoke to Mace.  I gave him the authorization to schedule the transportation. I told him that I had ask Alliance to schedule but Michelle was told I had to do it.  He said that was not correct they could have taken the information from Michelle when she called and then email me to make sure it was authorized.  In any regard Mace said that I could call Michelle back and give her his extension and he would get the information from her since I was on my way home and did not have Ms Mazy cell number or the address for the pick up on Monday.

Had Mace and Michelle not been so helpful  in assisting since I did not have access to the file, then the arrangements would have not been made and the surgery may have had to be postponed.

Just want to give you some positive feedback about these two employees and how they assisted me in a RUSH situation.

Thank you

Glenda K. Fleming                     
Claim Examiner, Senior Adjuster