Bruno Kovacic - BioFunction® LLC Mr. Kovacic is the founder and managing member of BioFunction® LLC, a forensic disability consulting company, which is working in cooperation with Alliance Occupational Medicine to provider work capacity examinations and functional restoration.   Bruno brings more than 25 years of progressive healthcare & occupational medicine experience including: conducting sophisticated Evidentiary Forensic Disability Examinations for more than 400 claimants in private, public and government sectors, designing advanced intra-data validation, behavioral & discomfort factoring software used to quantify chronic pain, providing written med-legal opinions for ergonomic, personal injury and workers’ compensation claims in California, the Division of Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board, the State of Hawaii’s Disability Compensation Division, and Canada’s ICBC, creating and designing a web-based medical restriction / job task matching software application to safely match limited duty employees to modified tasks in the work environment for the U.S. largest employer, and developing the industries first ergonomic risk sorting algorithm to quantify frequency, duration and severity of early symptom patterns associated with cumulative trauma / repetitive motion injuries.   Mr, Kovacic is a peer reviewed published researcher in Evidence-Based Functional Restoration. Mr. Kovacic also holds credentials as a medically trained Certified Ergonomic Compliance Director and is one of two Certified ERGOS® Trainers in the U.S.