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Pricing at Alliance Occupational Medicine is as follows


INS Exam



Administrative Charge Exam


Required if we review any outside medical records

TB skin test



One View Chest X-ray


Required if you have positive TB skin test

MMR Vaccine


(Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccine)

Varicella Vaccine (per injection)


Series of 2 shots if over 13, 2nd shot in 1 month

Diptheria/Pertussis/Tetanus Vaccination



Hib Vaccination for children


Hemophilus Influenza B (childhood illness)

Hepatitis B Vaccination (per injection)


Series of 3 shots over 6 months

Influenza Vaccination


Check for availability and seasonal need

Lab test for Hepatitis B antibodies


Checks for immunity to hepatitis B

Lab test for Varicella antibodies


Checks for immunity to chicken pox (varicella)

Lab test for Syphilis (RPR test)


Checks for presence of syphilis

Lab test for MMR


Checks immunity for Measles, Mumps, & Rubella

Pregnancy Test (Quick test in clinic)


To ensure it is safe for you to receive MMR or Varicella

All expenses must be paid at the time of your exam. We accept cash, personal checks, Visa and MasterCard.


Our Customers Say ...

Our Patients Say...

Steve ~ has a very good personality. Drew my blood painlessly and efficient. A great employee; very calming.
S. S.
Lucy ~ I recently completed a several-month series of physical therapy sessions and wanted to thank and commend Lucy Austin and the staff at Alliance for making the process so effective and pleasant. Lucy's ability to motivate and educate is top-notch and her attitude and personality in the office makes the visits enjoyable as well. [...] K.C.
K. C.
Adina ~ Very helpful. Always knows what is going on. Very polite
A. S.
Steve ~ Always friendly, personable & such a pleasant addition to the office. He is thorough, yet prompt & seemed to learn his job fast & well. Keep him on!
Dr. Cooper, Paulette, Anna, Steve, Adina, Triana ~ All of the above are so good! They work so well together &are very caring. Great people to deal with! Very professional.
M. G.
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